Incentive Colombia

7 Day Incentive Trip Colombia- The Coffee Triangle
Finca Hotel Coffee Triangle
Wax Palms, Cocora Valley

    • Country Hotels (“Haciendas”)
    • Bilingual Guide (English & Spanish)
    • Private Transportation throughout trip
    • Entrances and Fees mentioned in the itinerary
    • Taxes and Hotel Insurance

    • Tips
    • National Flights
    • Personal Expenses
    • Extra Costs not mentioned in the plan

    • Explore the Cocora Valley and it Wax Palm Trees
    • Learn and see the Coffee Process
    • Take a scenic Horse back-ride
    • Visit the quaint and picturesque town of Salento
    • Float down a river on a Bamboo Raft
    • See Amazing Waterfalls
    • Bathe in Thermal Hot Springs
    • Meeting Amazing People


This incentive journey leads us to the Coffee Triangle where we will visit the scenic and lush Cocora Valley known for its wax palm trees, take a stroll through the picturesque town of Salento, float down a river on a bamboo raft, take an informative hike to and through a working coffee farm, bathe in thermal baths and have the opportunity to ‘fly’ on one of the largest zip lines in Colombia. You will love the absolute beauty of this region and the true warmth of its inhabitants.

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Days 1-6: The Coffee Triangle

DAY 1: Tour- Flight to Armenia (Coffee Triangle), Butterfly Garden & BBQ


Flight to Armenia
Your DMC Leader will accompany you in your private transportation to the airport and assist you with the check-in procedures. After your 1 hr flight to Armenia, you will be greeted by your new Group Leader for your Adventure in the Coffee Triangle. You will be transferred from the airport to your hotel/finca in Armenia via private transportation. After checking into your hotel and relaxing for a short while, we will gather the group together for a visit to the Butterfly Garden.
Butterfly Garden- Your guests will delight in this natural setting and appreciate the colors, music, textures and smells of this carefully preserved forest and butterfly garden. It is a sanctuary to over 600 species of plants and 1,500 butterflys from 50 different species. We will take a quiet stroll through the garden and learn from an experienced guide about the flora and fauna of the region. We will return to the hotel for a typical ‘asado’ or BBQ and have the rest of the night to relax by the pool. (L,D)


    • Transfer to Armenia
    • Visit to Butterfly Garden
    • Special BBQ Dinner

DAY 2: Bamboo River Rafting

River Rafting

After exploring the hotel grounds and its scenic, ecological walks, we will continue on to our next adventure down the “Óld River” (Rio Vieja). This is not your typical rafting trip as we float down the river bordered by astonishing, verdant scenery on rafts made of bamboo. You will admire the wonderful surroundings and be very pleased with the large waterfall we take you to. You will also enjoy a typical lunch wrapped in a banana leaf. (B,L,D)

Bamboo Rafting HIGHLIGHTS

    • Ecological Walk
    • Bamboo Rafting Trip down Rio Vieja
    • Visit to a Large Waterfall
    • Banana leaf wrapped lunch.

DAY 3: Transfer to Salento- Tour Cocora Valley


Wax Palms, Cocora Valley


Salento is a small, unique and picturesque town located just outside of the Cocora Valley. Your guests will have an hour or so to wander around town, do some souvenir shopping or grab a cup of coffee before we climb into our transportation that will take us to the Cocora Valley- Jeep Willys, a typical mode of transportation in the region for transporting café, food and people.

Cocora Valley

We head to the Cocora Valley to experience one of the most beautiful places in all of Colombia. Lush green valleys, 60 meter tall Wax Palm Trees (the national tree of Colombia), various species of birds and butterflies, and a wonderful, yet sometimes capricious climate. Your guests will have the option to discover the beauty of this valley on a leisurely hike as well as a one (1) hour horseback ride. (B,D)

Salento & Cocora Valley HIGHLIGHTS

    • Beautiful, tri-colored houses of Salento
    • Panoramic views of Cocora Valley and the Wax Palms
    • 4 hour hike
    • Visit to a hummingbird feeding ground
    • 1 hour hoseback ride

DAY 4: The Coffee Route

This informative, interactive and scenic hike starts in the middle of Salento where our guide will share some interesting and pertinent facts about Salento such as why all the houses are painted three (3) colors. Our relaxed hike will take us over a path surrounded by intense green scenery, butterflies, birds and small, traditional coffee plantations. You will have the chance to stop and interact with the locals living along the route and even offer them a small gift. Our main destination of the hike is a coffee plantation where you can discover step by step everything about the coffee process: cultivating, pulping, drying, sorting, roasting and grinding! You will also learn about other aspects of coffee including details about its history, marketing/sales and benefits of the bean. You will have access to all the warm, freshly-brewed coffee that you can drink! After dinner in the hotel we will gather at a quiet bar to enjoy the warmth of an open fire place and to relax with music and a round of drinks. (B,L,D)

Raw Coffee Beans

The Coffee Route HIGHLIGHTS

    • 4 hour ecological walk to the coffee plantation
    • Donating of small gift to the local people on the route
    • Informative guide
    • Tour of the coffee plantation
    • Fresh coffee made straight from the plantation
    • Nighttime- fire, music and drinks

DAY 5: Thermal Hot Springs & Transfer to Pereira

Termal Baths

We will start our day early with a transfer to one of the most relaxing places in the Coffee Triangle, a group of quiet and secluded, natural thermal hot springs. You will feel serenity in this peaceful place surrounded by nature and which is less frequented by tourists as its located high in the mountains making it more difficult to get to than other hot springs. You will have the chance to bathe in these refreshing, natural pools, see the scalding hot origins of the thermal baths, take ecological walks around the area to spot colorful, native birds such as a yellow and black hummingbird and/or completely relax in a natural sauna.

In the afternoon we will depart from this inspirational environment and start our trip to the city of Pereira. On the way we will stop at a small restaurant where you will have the opportunity to try a delicious sausage from where the longest sausage was made in 2010 (Guinness Book Record).

Our hotel is located high in the mountains of Pereira where you will have contemplative, birds-eye view of the city. The hotel is beautifully made of bamboo and offers the very best hospitality and comfort. You will delight in the waking up in the morning to the song of various birds, which you will be able to see perched on a nearby birdhouse. (B)

Thermal Hot Springs HIGHLIGHTS

    • Thermal Hot Springs
    • Ecological Walks
    • Transfer to Pereira
    • Panoramic View of Pereira
    • Optional Canopy Ride
    • Optional SPa

DAY 6: Free day- Pereira

Hotel Pereira

You will have the opportunity to discover this flirtatious and loving city or pass the day relaxing at the hotel, exploring its ecological hiking paths and watching the great variety of native birds that live in and around the hotel grounds. (B)

DAY 7: Departure- Hasta Luego!

Lo unico riesgo es que te quieras quedar!

Unfortunately, all great things must come to an end.  Although, your 7 day incentive trip ends here we hope to take you on another amazing journey through one of Colombia’s other exotic destinations! (B)

Transfer Hotel – Airport Pereira – Bogotá – International Flight

La Guajira