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Destination Management Services


Site Inspections and FAM Trips

Familiarization trips are an excellent opportunity for you to take part and discover this fascinating country and its tourism-related infrastructures. You will have a chance to meet up with hoteliers, conduct site inspections and solidify contacts for your future business.  FAM trips will include the following:

  1. Arrival and departure transportation
  2. Welcome Information Package
  3. English speaking guide services
  4. (1) tour to be confirmed before FAM
  5. Lunch or Dinner

Teaser Materials

We are ready to use some of our existing teaser materials and eager to dream up some news ones to get your clients excited about their upcoming programing.  Want to increase your employees motivation?  How about tell them the person with the most sales over the next two weeks gets a free 5-day trip extension to the incentive program paid for by the company?  They can see ranking in real time and how close (or far) the are from winning that additional trip.