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One of our passions at Destination Management Colombia is to plan dine-around programs.   We especially enjoy organizing them in Bogota where the eclectic mix of food options and variety of ambiances are endless.  Traditional Colombian, International, Asian, Western BBQ and Fresh Seafood are just a few of the options available in gourmet zones such as La Macerana, La Zona G, La Zona-T and Parque 93 .  Some of our favorite restaurants to include in a dine-around include Tramonti, Hacienda Marquez and the Patio/Liberty- all of which are quite different experiences but include a delightful mix of tasty food, great atmospheres and live music.

Your guests will have the opportunity to select from a variety of restaurants within your given destination in Colombia.  Our team will coordinate all transport, and each group will have at least one Destination Management Staff accompanying them to deal with any issues that arise and act as  a personal guide service .

How does a Dine-Around work?  First we will determine your requirements about group size requirements, variety of cuisines and type of ambiance and entertainment. We will then analyse our large collection of restaurant providers and present you our recommended list of restaurants.  All relevant information will be given including size of private dining areas and other special arrangements such as customized group menus.  After you select the restaurants, your guests will be given a one week window to select which restaurants they will dine at, using a selection process of first come, first serve.  We’ll then handle the rest and your guests will enjoy a fun, entertaining and delicious restaurant experience!

Restaurant Buy-Out’s

We have conducted site inspections and negotiated with countless restaurants to host your next private dinner event. Not only will guests will enjoy the feeling of having the restaurant all to themselves, but also, menus, services and entertainment can be completely customized to suit your needs.  An added benefit is the restuarant won´t close until 3.00 a.m. which gives your guests the option to remain in the restaurant for drinking, laughing and dancing!