Why Us?

Why Destination Management Colombia?

15 Reasons to Work with Destination Management Colombia

1We Have a High Level of Negotiating Power- We utilize our strong relationships and purchasing power with suppliers in Colombia to provide the highest quality of service in the most cost-effective manner. We always keep your best interest and budget in mind.

2We Create a Simplified Buying Process- You only have Destination Management Colombia to coordinate with. Let us handle the dozens and dozens of suppliers that could be potentially used in your program.

3We Have Extensive Product Knowledge- We know the in’s and out’s of the finest local venues, caterers, decor, transportation and other event service companies. Our team is encouraged to continually seek out opportunities to expand or improve our product offerings and are never satisfied with the norm.

4We Scrutinize over the Program Details- We pay attention to the very last detail in all aspects of your event. We will also double and triple-check with all vendors prior to program to ensure that all products will be delivered as promised.

5We Partner Only with Quality Providers- We work with only the highest quality providers offering the best products and services in Colombia. We are constantly evaluating our partners and analyze their performance after each program. When one of our providers falls behind our standards, we find one that exceeds our standards.

6We Develop Creative Ideas- Creativity is at the core of Destination Management Colombia. We have developed and refined dozens of innovative ideas which we have used to create unique special interest tours, amazing events, and challenging and rewarding teambuilding activities. We do not offer your standard city tour.

7We Create Emergency Back-Up Plans- We always plan ahead for what “probably won’t” but “could” go wrong. We have extensive back-up plans for all types of scenarios including ones that would seem trivial to an outside observer.

8We are Committed to Excellence- The team at Destination Management Colombia is committed to excellence each and every day.

9We Offer High Quality and Personalized Service- From the moment of our first contact to the final program follow-up and evaluation, we provide you with service of the highest quality. We understand your needs and we will exceed them.

10We Give Added-Value Services- We incorporate twists and add-ons to our services designed in favor of you that increase their use and leave you wondering why you hadn’t seen this earlier.

11We Conduct an Analysis and Evaluation of the Market- We analyze and evaluate the appropriate hotel/activities suited to match the demographics and size of your group. Each of our clients has their own “perfect program.”

12We are Entertainment Experts- We evaluate and offer you the best options appropriate for your program objectives and we manage the entertainment contracts. Whether it’s an orchestra or a circus parade, we have the ideal entertainment set to match your needs.

13We Offer Unique Destination Experiences- We have created exclusive opportunities unknown and unavailable to the general public. These opportunities are the result of months of market research, negotiations and persuasions.

14Your Goals are Our Goals- We represent you, your goals and your objectives at every step of the process.

15We Respond Quickly- We respond to all emails within four hours and present detailed quotes in less than two days. We guarantee to be faster than our competition.”